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A Tremor of Updates in Teddy Bear Republic

It’s St. Patrick’s Day!  Yesterday we held an Irish Brunch full of yummy goodness~   I didn’t really take photos and I’m not really into talking about all the food because I am currently still digesting it.

Part Three of the WesAndershow was Kristofferson Silverfox.  He’s the nephew from the Fantastic Mr. Fox and a stand-up character in the film.  “Famous Quote” “You weigh less than a slice of bread”

Kristofferson meditates 1

I love his tail.  It’s actually removeable with velcro.  It’s reminds me of my childhood and my stuffed Eeyore, whose tail was attached with a snap.

Fantastic foxes and March shop update 2014 032

Kristofferson is off to a new home in Northern California and he is going with Eleanor the Sloth.  I don’t usually make sloths, there are lots of great sloth makers, but it was kind of a request and I took the challenge.

Sloth Arms up 1 2014

She was fun to make and I love her feet and dress the best!

Sloth with lion 4 2014

I made some new pillows.  These are two koalas.  I’m in love.

koala pillows 1

The backs of the pillows are fun too!

koala pillows 2

I think this is the last month to get the new Stuffed Magazine.  I have a spread in there and it’s quite well done.  Good job Stampington.


Here is one more…


Well, if you are in the Los Angeles area you should definitely go the LA MOCA for the Mike Kelley exhibit and check out my softies in the LA MOCA Store.

Bye for now, yours in crafting…

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Hello All!

It’s been a crafty week for me and I can’t get enough sewing in.


black cat and pink bunny 2014 01

These two are off to the Crompton Collective in Worcester, MA.  If you are ever in Worcester, you must stop into this amazing 8000 square foot space. Crompton Collective


Mr and Mrs. Fox 1

I’ve had the materials to make my tribute art to my favorite movie for awhile now.  Mr and Mrs Fox were delightful to make.  I feel that through my design, they came out looking a little more 70’s.  Mr. Fox looks as if he’s wearing a Steve Austin inspired corduroy Tuxedo.  And Mrs Fox has an elastic skirt, instead of her one piece dress, with a bodysuit underneath.

Mr and Mrs. Fox 5

A complete joy to make and such a mix of fabrics – all meshed together.

Mrs. Fox 3 Mr Fox 2

These will be listed in my shop and I think they should be sold together as a pair.  They would prefer not to be separated 🙂

Mr and Mrs Fox 4

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It’s Friday!

Well,  it’s Friday here in West Hollywood and what can I tell you ?  Oh… lots.  My softies are now available at the L.A. MOCA Store in downtown Los Angeles.  They have a variety of my critters.  There will be a Mike Kelley exhibit there in March and if you are familiar with his work, one of his mediums was large clumps of stuffed animals.

group shot sept update 01

I am also now a member of Academy of Handmade and it’s great to be involved with so many creatives.  Thanks K.C. and Sharon!  You rock!

I have been sewing some small softies and here is a glimpse…smalls feb 4th lion2


This lion is one of my favorites.

smalls feb 4th bunny1

I am still making hedgehogs also…

smalls feb 4th hoglet1

Alright, it’s time to go and sew some more.  There are always things to make and create!

Yours in crafting,

smalls feb 4th koala1


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Well, it’s fall here in Los Angeles, but with the temperature at close to 90F, it doesn’t quite feel like fall.  These guys sure fit into the fall color scheme!

Sept shop update roof 04

Hilgar the hedgehog and Poe the Polar bear are both available in my Etsy shop if you need…

I have been busy crafting and getting ready for the busy winter season and have been working on my new website.  I can’t quite get it to work, but it’s up and somewhat running.

I am in an upcoming gallery show next week called PlushYou!  in Seattle.  I have three pieces in the show and it’s next Friday October 11th.  Kristen featured me in a small interview today and here is the link if you’d like to read more about me.

The sun has been very agreeable for photos and I’ve been having somewhat of a photoshoot lately.

Sept shop update 2013 roof 009

My softies love goofing around in trees.

small softies sept 18

I am trying to ditch a cold that unknowingly caught.  Sorry to rub in the warm weather.  I’m actually kind of envious of my Canuck friends and their cozy clothing this time of year.

Yours in crafting,

small softies sept 14

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Quilt Happy!

I am guilty of not blogging for awhile.  Oh summer!  Sometimes you can be very distracting!

We’ve been dealing with a sick pet for awhile now.   He is finally starting to get better with treatment, but it’s not a nice thing to go through.

I made my first adult-sized quilt!  This is just a personal project and I have enjoyed cudding up in it a few times already.

quilt lightened

The photo was taken from the stairwell that leads to the rooftop.  I went with diagonal squares and I embroidered some of the small foxes and animals on the quilt.

quilt 02 lightened

This quilt is similar to the one that my Nana made for me as a child, which is why I picked these big squares.  I knew it was going to be a lot of work, but it made me question how people can be quiltmakers?  It takes a lot of dedication and many steps to reach the end result.  It’s a real commitment.   I was showing the quilt to my neighbor and he said that I should start making them, and selling them and I told him I was going to stick with softies!

quilt lightened 4

The backing of the quilt is an off-white flannel.  I used a flat queen sized sheet.  Also the trim is various flannels pieced together.  Although I am  very happy with this quilt, I am now on quilt strike for awhile.  Soooo much work!

lightened standing bear

It’s for a friend in the O.C. and she requested a bear, with a green shirt, in sneakers and a headband.  If he were mine, I’d name him Burt.

We just got back from Palm Springs where we had a mini-vacation.  It was 106F everyday and when you stepped outside, it felt like when you open the oven door and the heat hits you.  The resort that we stay at has a great saltwater pool that is one of two pools in Palm Springs that is cooled.  Some pools there become too hot to swim in.

Palm Springs 2013 043

There are only 9 rooms at this place and it’s quite quiet and private.  There’s cruiser bikes and a cocktail bar and a very 50’s theme.

Palm Springs 2013 068

The above Marilyn Monroe Sculpture was 26 feet tall and 34,000 pounds!  It was pretty spectacular.

Palm Springs 2013 031

I was delighted to stay in the Eames  themed room, complete with Eames chairs,  and lots of Eames artwork.

I am not supposed to tell you what resort this is, because my husband says it’s best kept a secret, but I’ll let you figure it out on your own…

Palm Springs 2013 059

I’ll leave you with one more great shot of Palm Springs…

Yours in crafting,  Palm Springs 2013 060

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Pemberton Sasquatch is here!

I haven’t made a Bigfoot for at least a year, and I decided to make one again.  Sasquatch are super fun and I named this one Pemberton.

pemberton sasquatch 4

I named him after Pemberton, British Columbia which is 20 minutes north of my old hometown of Whistler, B.C.  Canada.

pemberton sasquatch 6

Here is a true and somewhat humorous story about Bigfoot.

About 4 years ago, I had gallstones and had to have my gallbladder removed.  The surgery was supposed to be a day surgery, but the doctor said that my anatomy was complicated and that they had to fully cut me open because laproscopic wasn’t possible.  And so, I found myself mentally unprepared for a hospital stay of five days at Squamish General.  I don’t really have any good memories of this experience.  It was painful, monotonous and drab.  I did however have an aboriginal roomate patient.  I think her name was Sheila and she was elderly and sick. Aboriginals are the Canadian equivalent of Native Americans.   When she wasn’t complaining about being sick, we had some interesting conversations.  Keep in mind that we were both heavily medicated with pain medication, so a few of these chats were definitely “out there”.   The 2010 Winter Olympics were only a few months away and the nurse had left us a copy of the newspaper which had a picture of my favorite furry mascot, “Quatchi” the Sasquatch.  Maybe it was the morphine jogging through  my veins, or my absolute boredom, but I asked Sheila what her community at the Reservation where she lived thought of Sasquatches?  She very non-chalantly went into her experiences with Bigfoot.  She said that her and her tribe had definitely seen them and that they were constantly around her property at night.  She said that they had many different noises that they made and that even though they tried to remain hidden from human sight, sometimes you could smell them, as they had a strong and pungent aroma.  To Sheila, Bigfoot were as real as a deer, or a mountain lion.  Our conversation was fascinating and has stuck in my memory.  The next evening, at around 10pm, a Vancouver medicine man entered out room and sang songs and waved an eagle feather around as part of a healing ritual.  Sheila told me that I was one of the only white people to witness this ritual.

So, I have named my Sasquatch Pemberton after the town next to Sheila’s reservation, Mt. Currie.

pemberton sasquatch 3

Whether you believe in Sasquatches or not is another story, but I hope you enjoy Pemberton and his giant, furry feet!

pemberton sasquatch 5

Yours in crafting,


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Happy July!

I apologize for not blogging a lot lately.  Summer is a time where it is especially nice to get outside here in Los Angeles.  I just sent off these three softies for a chance to be in the 2014 Winter issue of Stuffed Magazine.  Let’s hope they make it in, and I am secretly hoping that the lion makes it on the cover!

for website 046

I named them after spots in Los Angeles.  Their names are Baldwin, Griffith and Runyon!

for website 060

for website 069


In other exciting news… I have a new website that is being constructed!  Coming soon!  Yours in crafting,