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A Tremor of Updates in Teddy Bear Republic

It’s St. Patrick’s Day!  Yesterday we held an Irish Brunch full of yummy goodness~   I didn’t really take photos and I’m not really into talking about all the food because I am currently still digesting it.

Part Three of the WesAndershow was Kristofferson Silverfox.  He’s the nephew from the Fantastic Mr. Fox and a stand-up character in the film.  “Famous Quote” “You weigh less than a slice of bread”

Kristofferson meditates 1

I love his tail.  It’s actually removeable with velcro.  It’s reminds me of my childhood and my stuffed Eeyore, whose tail was attached with a snap.

Fantastic foxes and March shop update 2014 032

Kristofferson is off to a new home in Northern California and he is going with Eleanor the Sloth.  I don’t usually make sloths, there are lots of great sloth makers, but it was kind of a request and I took the challenge.

Sloth Arms up 1 2014

She was fun to make and I love her feet and dress the best!

Sloth with lion 4 2014

I made some new pillows.  These are two koalas.  I’m in love.

koala pillows 1

The backs of the pillows are fun too!

koala pillows 2

I think this is the last month to get the new Stuffed Magazine.  I have a spread in there and it’s quite well done.  Good job Stampington.


Here is one more…


Well, if you are in the Los Angeles area you should definitely go the LA MOCA for the Mike Kelley exhibit and check out my softies in the LA MOCA Store.

Bye for now, yours in crafting…