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Benedict and Buckminster

Benedict and Buckminster are monsters.  Although they may not look very scary, I can assure you that they are scary if you are a 5 year old me.  I took them up to the roof yesterday and they did a few poses for me as I took some photos of them.  They were actually misbehaving on the lounge chair and wouldn’t stop poking each other, but I managed to get them to settle down for this shot.  Here is the poster for the event in Hollywood at Meltdown Comics.  It’s a bit scary, but I like it.  I hope to see you there if you are in L.A.

I just got a spot at the Crompton Collective in Worcester, Mass for my softies. It’s a very cool space in an old building and I am excited to be a part of it.    So, I need to get sewing and send those off as soon as I can.  Yours in crafting,

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Monster Republic…

I am working on some pieces for a gallery show in Hollywood.  The show is called “Under The Bed” and the premise is what scared you as a child, such as things hiding under the bed.  For me it was monsters.  I used to have nightmares about being outside at night and being chased by big, clothed monsters in sneakers.  They would chase me and I would try to run home and hide in my house.  The monsters were life sized in my dream and they looked like a cross between a Maurice Sendak monster and a muppet.  So, these two have come out of my childhood imagination.  These have been really fun to make.  The brown monster is wearing a wool tuxedo with sneakers, and the pink monster is wearing his best hipster suspenders with cordouroy and sneakers.  They both have special glow in the dark eyes.  I still have to sew up their stuffing holes.  I can’t decide which one I like best, but I am leaning towards the pink monster.  Liz Scott sent me the wonderful light blue vintage cordouroy and I think it’s perfect.  I used her fabric(domestic bliss) for the shirt so it would match.

Okay, I had better sew these guys up by their stuffing openings.  Yours in crafting…

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Sew Happy!

I have recently returned from a week and a half long trip to Massachusetts.  First we went to my sister’s new place in Florence, a suburb of Northampton in Western Mass.  It was great to see my family and spend some time with my niece  and nephew.

Then we were off to Grafton/Westborough/Worcester to visit my husband’s hometown and friends.  We celebrated my husband’s birthday at the Lucky Dog in Worcester, and saw a band called the Curtain Society that my husband used to manage and has been friends with for years.

We had some great food at the Grafton Inn and got ready for StART on the Street,  Massachusetts biggest Arts and Music Festival, where I had a table.  I brought about 23 pieces and at the end of the day, I was left with 3, I guess I did alright.  Here is what my table looked like near the end…I kept apologizing to people because my table was so empty by the end, but it didn’t deter them at all.  My favorite sale by far, went to this little guy who seemed to be enjoying this fox.  I am pretty sure that this fox went to a loving home!

After visiting with some of my husband’s friends and his sister’s family, I headed back to Northampton for 3 more days with my family and father who drove down from Toronto.

Northampton is described by many as the Berkeley of the east coast, with lots of alternative shops and restaurants and even a nice food co-op.  I had the best apple I’ve had in years there and lots of great food.  We went to Paul and Elizabeth’s one night for dinner and it was wonderful.  It was a health food restaurant, but with a delicious twist, this place had fish dishes on the menu.  I had the best scallops of my life there.  They were teriyaki grilled with a side of brown rice.  Delicious!  I also discovered Webb’s, a wool/yarn store which would be any knitters dream shop, with a huge variety of supplies.  I’m not really a knitter, but a few days later, I discovered my mecca in Easthampton, the next town over.  I found New England Felting Supply.  I was seriously in heaven!  I love to needlefelt and this place was packed with all the colors of wool roving that you could possibly imagine.  I loaded up on supplies and even got a book.  I liked this wall mural in Easthampton.  I didn’t think my crafting dreams could get any better, but  the next day took a surprising turn for the best.  I was walking around the corner from my sister’s place in Florence to go to the local day spa for a haircut.  I noticed a small shop called Wool and Dye Works and when I stopped by after my appointment, I was in wool felt heaven!  This place is described as a rug making and wool craft supply shop and the shelves were full of beautiful rolls of thick wool fabrics, mostly plaids and tweeds.  She also had a shelf full of recycled wool material, salvaged from old sweaters and pants etc.  I picked up some  fabrics and will be sure to use them in some of my softies.

I got home on Friday night and I was sure happy to be reunited with Reg the cat again!  Also, I was happy to come back to sunny, summery West Hollywood.

Now I am happily sewing and working on some commissions and a few gallery pieces for an art show about scary things.  Here is a sneak peek of a monster that I am working on.  The finished monster will be wearing a wool plaid tuxedo and some cool sneakers.  His eyes aren’t what I usually work with, but these ones glow in the dark, which I thought would be very monster-like.

Okay, I must get back to crafting now and being “sew Happy”   Yours in crafting…

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StART on the Street…

Hi all!

I am going to be in Worcester, Massachusetts this weekend for StART on the Street, a huge music, crafts, food festival.  If you live anywhere near there, please come and say hello!  I will have a table with some of my softies and they are ready to be adopted into loving homes.  stART on the Street: 10th Anniversary Fall Edition – September 16

Vernon the Lion and I are going to be there and we hope to see you there too!  By the way, I will be back to more blogging next week when I return and I have lots of exciting news to share with you!  Yours in Crafting,

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Stanley the lion was made for a friend.  She supplied me the vintage polyester fabric(it’s stretchy and scratchy)and it’s a custom to give to her friend. (I hope her friend doesn’t read my blog.)  hee hee!  Anyway, here’s Stanley the Lion in all of his furry glory, ready to be adopted.  Yours in crafting…

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lunch date!

I am meeting up with Liz Scott today and her little daughter Rylie for lunch at Lemonade, one of my favorite lunch spots!  I am excited to finally be able to show you the lion that I made for Liz’s little girl that she will be receiving today!  The pink fabric is Liz’s design from her Domestic Bliss collection and the cordoroy is vintage.  I named the lion Francis.  Yours in crafting…

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Busy Little Saturday

Well, I’ve had a very fun week!  It was very hot out(at least 90F) and so I did a lot of swimming, working out, and crafting of course.  The highlight to my week was a pre-screening of a movie at the Sony lots.  I’m not allowed to talk about it, but I will say that I very much enjoyed the movie and I think it will be a hit!  Also, one of the stars/writers of the film did a Q & A with us after and so I got to speak with this celebrity!  I gave him some input and a small plot ending idea and he liked it!  The very famous director was there also, and lots of actors were in the audience.  What a great time, thanks to my Vancouver pal/old roomate Sabrina who hooked us up.

I was asked to do a piece for a gallery show in October last week.  The girl has not contacted me, but I started on a drawing because the piece is due in early October.  The show is called “Under the Bed”, so artists think back to what was scary as a child.  I had nightmares about monsters chasing me at night.  I am going to make a plush that looks like the monster that used to chase me in my dreams as a child.  Here is the drawing…Yes, I realize that it looks at bit like a Maurice Sendak monster, but I was six and his drawings probably influenced my dreams.  Okay, I am off to the post office because it closes at noon today!  Yours in crafting…