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Sweater Vests are Cool!

I have not been very diligent with my blog posts lately.  I guess there are times when I feel less creative than others.  I have been crafty lately, but it has been on a smaller scale.  I got back into needlefelting this week and have created some small critters.  They are only a little over two inches.  I am going to make many of them for my summer craft fairs.  There is something so appealing to me about miniature things.  I have a small collection of various mini things and that collection will probably get bigger.  Maybe it’s the appeal of slipping it into your pocket and going on a adventure, or maybe it’s as simple as small can equal cute.  Whatever the case, mini things rule.  These minis in sweater vests were happy to have vests to keep them a bit warmer on an overcast day!

I found some interesting burgundy fabric at the store the other day.  It is kind of like a thick corduroy, which is pretty much a ridged velvet and I think it would be used to make upholstery.  Regardless, I bought some and made a fox doll with it.  The limbs are very long and skinny, in fact the whole doll is very skinny and tall and lanky.  I like the corduroy and I like foxes, so I’ll probably make some more.  And lastly, I finished up a bird that I have been working on.  This poor bird/owl had been only a face for some time and had been patiently waiting for a body to “stretch his wings” and now he can finally do that!  Fox and Owl are getting along quite nicely and I think they compliment eachother.  I am off to Westwood Village.  Barry won a dinner for 4 at Native Foods Vegan Restaurant!  They were closed for expansion and tonight is the re-opening.  We are  treating our friends Mary and Jesse.  Native Foods is one of my very favorites and so it will be a real treat to be first in the newly improved restaurant!  See you…

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Crafting is cool…

Barry was away in Las Vegas and has returned.  It’s nice to have him back.  It was strange to be in the apartment by myself.  I was fairly productive while he was away.  I made a koala named Klauss.  Klauss is a big boy at 17 inches!  He is right at home in this tree!  Unfortunately, it’s not a Eucalyptus tree, it’s a ficus.  Klauss is newly listed in my shop.

Time for a koala joke….

Q:  What does one have to do to be in the Australian Olympics?

A: Koala-fy

Hee. Hee. Hee.

I also made a few foxes.  Their names are Finnegan and Francis.  When we were up on the roof, the foxes and koala got acquainted and did a little sunning and then had a bit of a cuddle fest and a hedgehog even joined in the party!When I was about to go up to the rooftop, (our apartment is 3 floors and we are on the 2nd) I said to Barry, “I hope nobody sees me up there!”  Well, as I was taking a few photos, my landlord Kirk, appeared with two potential tenants.  I felt a bit embarassed.  I mean, I love making softies and I love what I do, but I don’t really know how strangers feel when they see a grown woman with four stuffed animals wrapped in her arms.  I pondered it and decided that I don’t really care what others think of me, and that I need to embrace my passion and talent.  So, I am officially declaring that I make softies, plush or stuffed animals and I am proud of it!  There, I said it, I’m “out” in West Hollywood.  I feel much better now.

Happily plushed out!   J 🙂

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Hooper Hedgehog

This is Hooper.  He is 18 inches and I made him yesterday.  I may keep him.  He is a contender for the Seattle show in the fall.  I have been meaning to discuss the meaning of Teddy Bear Republic.  The State Flag for California is so great.  I have a small version.  I love bears~hello~ and I really love this sign!  So, I am the Teddy Bear Republic. I would write about it more, but I think it’s very self explanatory.  I don’t wish to dumb it down.   Craftingly yours,  🙂

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I have a new friend that I just created.  I got some new Tissavel fur(made in France) and it was called hedgehog, so that’s what I came up with!  His name is Harcourt Hedgehog!  This fur is very soft and fluffy and huggable.  Harcourt is all fur on the back, just like a real hedgehog.  I got some very exciting news today!  I got accepted into Plush You, a Plush Gallery show in Seattle.  I have to commission 3 pieces for the exhibit and they can be anything that I want.  Luckily, it’s not until October, so I have some time to make three pieces that really reflect my style.  I think I may try and go to Seattle for the show.  It would be great to meet some other plush artists and see their work firsthand.  It would be good to stop into Vancouver also(my home before L.A.) but I don’t know if I can fit it in.

Okay, off to make more hedgehogs!  It’s raining here and it’s a great day to hibernate indoors.  And also to try and squeeze in some Madmen! 

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Birthday Lingerings…

Well, I should be crafting right now, but I am feeling a bit unmotivated at the moment.  I tried to needlefelt earlier, but it wasn’t going my way…

I will be working on a few softies this evening.  I am going to make a hedgehog and a koala.

I just went down to get the mail, and I got a surprise!  I ordered some beautiful wool felt from my friend Sorcha and there was a little handmade suprise in with it! 

Sorcha makes these and you can check out her work at her Etsy shop which is         http://www.etsy.com/shop/OhMafelt?ref=seller_info

I have a deer that Sorcha made that I got last summer at Renegade Craft Fair.  I traded her a bear for it and I love it!  I named him “Doughey”.  (Like doe a deer)   Party pig has joined Doughey on the record shelf!  So, I hope Sorcha reads this and go to her shop and check out her awesome creations!  Oh yeah, and Sorcha you rock!!!