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Needlefelting is fun!

Just made this Aquaman for my fiancee Barry!  He has a bit of an Aquaman obsession.  It was fun to make and I like the way he came out, slightly cartoonish.  I took a photo of him dancing, but Barry said it wasn’t appropriate to portray a superhero as a dancer.  I disagree.  I will be needlefelting more of my creations, but right now, I need a break…

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New Creations in the works…


I haven’t been blogging for a few days.  Today I have lots to share!  First of all, Barry and I attended our friend Shannon and Jairo’s engagement party on Sunday afternoon.  It was grey and pouring rain, which is rare in Los Angeles.  We were expecting to hang out in their backyard with a barbeque and we show up and their whole backyard has been made into a big white wedding tent.  There were bouquets of flowers and disco balls and a candy bar!  Jairo’s parents were dishing out wonderful mexican food.  But the biggest surprise for me was a live Mariachi band!  I forgot my camera, but I snapped a few on Barry’s smart phone…It was a fun afternoon.  I guess some people who were invited decided not to come because of the rain, but we wouldn’t have missed it for anything!

I am working on a few things.  I have an opportunity to get a few of my plush in a Hollywood movie and so I am making a large retro looking lion.  He is supposed to look like he is from the Sixties.  I quite like the way he turned out so far…

In other exciting news…  I got my wool roving in the mail yesterday and I have already made something.  I made a raccoon and he came out quite large at 13 inches from ear to toe.  I made him quite flat, but he is still very huggable!  He was fun to make, although I still prefer sewing.  It’s nice to have a different medium for my art.  I am excited to make more things with my wool.  I like how his tail came out.  Needlefelting is pretty easy to learn and a good craft for a beginner.

Hmmmm?   What should I made next?  Look at all of the great colors!  As much as I should write a lot more, I am off to craft!  I can’t wait to create!

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Rodney Peanutbutter

I went with my friend Mary to the Urban Craft Center in Santa Monica yesterday.  I had been meaning to go and Mary was screenprinting some of her designs onto tote bags.  This place is crafter heaven and I could have spent way more time and money there.  I ended up getting a few half yards of fabrics that I really love.  But the fun didn’t stop there.  I have always wanted to try needlefelting and they had some kits, so I got a kit to make a small elephant!  I am in love with him and have named him Rodney Peanutbutter.  It was really fun to make and now I am excited to experiment with my own designs.  Needlefelting is very addictive, but the end result is kind of like a knit product, only sculpted instead.  We are going to Santa Monica today for Barry’s doctor’s appointment and I have already told him that we have to go to the Craft Center so I can get some more wool roving.  I am going to sculpt one of my softies out of felt and also an Aquaman for Barry.  It’s a beautiful Southern California day, but I hear that it is supposed to be 90 F today in Boston.  That is bizarre!  I hope it’s nice where you are!

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Last Day of Winter…

It is supposed to be the last day of winter and when I lived in Canada that seemed to mean much more to me.  Here is Southern California, I haven’t really had winter this year which is great, but has been a big adjustment to my seasonal clock.  So, just in time for spring is the Easter Bunny.  Actually he is a “haredresser”.  You can tell by how well groomed he is!  This little bunny is motivating me to make a few more rabbits.  There is a movie being made and I have a chance to get one of my softies in that film, so I have been drawing my design.  The movie takes place in the 60’s and so I am making a giant lion, but this one with have a much more retro looking face and I will be using vintage material from that era.  I think it will be a fun project and let’s hope it makes it into the film!

I went to Lemonade this week.  For those of you who don’t know it, it’s one of my favorite places to eat.  They have a bunch of different salads to choose from and you can split your portion up, so that you can sample many salads.  They also have chili, soup, baked salmon and yummy desserts.  And of course, they have 10 or so kinds of lemonade!  Shown here is a sneek peek at the salads, arnold palmer, blood orange and blueberry mint lemonade(mine).

One of my favorite bloggers, Heidi Kenney made cinnamon raisin bread the other day and she posted photos of it on her blog.  I have never made bread before and decided to try.  Her photos made my mouth water!  My attempt was successful and I made three loaves.  It’s great toasted for breakfast and Barry even made french toast out of it yesterday.  Barry was off yesterday and the LA Marathon was happening right on Sunset which we live directly above, so we went to Peets Coffee to cheer them on for awhile.  I got to see the top men, who were a group of Kenyans, all running in a clump.  They were very fast!  Here is a photo of the non-professionals.  There was a little boy near us with his Dad and he was waiting for his Mom to run by.  At one point, he pointed at a runner and asked, “Dad, is that Chris Paul?”  It was very funny!  It was really great to be on Sunset and not have any cars racing past.  It was quite serene.  Here is how much of a ghost town is was.  This is at the intersection of Sunset and San Vicente.And finally, this is a sign in my neighbourhood that I have been meaning to take a photo of.  If you just glanced at it, it looks like a normal street sign, but if you take a closer look, you realize that it must be an art installment.  Even Guerilla art of some kind.  Very clever.  


Joy and Pain

Just listening to Joy and Pain by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock as I write this post.  Doesn’t matter what your mood before this song,  if you mood isn’t different by the end, poor you.

Speaking of moods, I have been working on a rabbit and it hasn’t been going my way.  I have had a few technical difficulties that I don’t especially want to get into.  Basically I was working on a bit of a new pattern, or a variation and let’s just say that it didn’t go my way.  Here is a sneak peek of the rabbit.  His face turned out fine and his ears are passable.  Today I was a bit ill still, but I needed to get outside, so I went for walk towards Beverly Hills.  We are right near the border of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, so I only have to walk five minutes until I am in the thick of it.  By “it”, I mean the nicest, most plush neighborhoods imaginable.  I grabbed my camera instead of my phone and took a few photos today.  This first one is the Sierra Towers.  I love this building.  It’s so tall and sleek.  I guess Elton John and Cher  have a place here.  Oh and maybe I heard that Sidney Poitier and Miley Cyrus also have places there.  The only reason that I know these things is not because I’m a celebrity whore, but because the Hollywood tour buses go by every two minutes and I hear the guide telling the carload as I walk.  I know where John Lennon’s old house and Halle Berry’s are because of these buses.  I was going to go to the Greystone Manor next, but Paramount are shooting a movie there and there was no way I was going to get near it.  I took a photo of a beautiful flower bed, but at this point I was sweating and I think my camera took the wrath.  Right by the Greystone Manor there was another tour bus and it was stopped and people were frolicking and scrambling to get a photo of this – the King of Alternate Celebrity Religions, Tom Cruise’s house.  I don’t see what the big deal is?  On my walk home, I saw some bougainvillea that were blooming quite nicely. Then I walked by one of my most favorite buildings.  It was build in 1937 and has been renovated, but still has it’s original look.  Mickey Rooney and Ava Gardner are some of the past famous tenants.  I am learning a lot about the architecture in LA and there are so many wonderful buildings.  There is a Frank Lloyd Wright house near here that is so amazingly cool.  I have been meaning to take a photo of it.

Tonight I made vegan pizza with soy cheese and soy chorizo.  It may have been a bit of a soy overload, but it tasted great.  Let’s just say my boyfriend didn’t complain as he scarfed it down!

I’ll try and sew again tomorrow and fix the bunny problem.  Adios.

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Homemade Soup

I am having one of those days where I don’t feel one hundred percent.  I have been fighting a bit of something so I have been resting.  This morning is was a bit cold and grey and although this afternoon the sun came out, it’s still not LA warm.  So, what is the best cure for the chills and an under the weather feeling?  Homemade Organic Chicken and Vegetable Soup.  I’m not sure if I will be able to wait until Barry gets home to eat some.  We rarely eat meat, but when we do it’s a special treat.  Yummy!

I was up on the roof earlier taking a few photos of some new critters that I have made.  Bill is a Sasquatch and he is made from a new faux fur that I got recently.  It’s as soft as alpaca!   The corduroy is vintage material.  Next is Rory and Maury, two golden lions.  I think that someone should buy them together!  It was very windy when I took these today and I like how wild their fur looks.  I have new tags!  I got a stamp that was designed for me by Kelsey Pike, an artist on Etsy.  I think it looks great and I am hand stamping them onto chipboard.  I promised myself that I would write a long post today, but I have to go and list these guys in my shop, so today’s post is a little short, but existent!   🙂