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I’ve finished some Sleepy Hedgehogs.  They have taken me longer than I would like, but they are complete!  They are squinting because they are sleepy, but also because it is very sunny outside today in West Hollywood.  I think that I will move onto raccoons next.

I’m off to exercise on this sunny, bright day.

Yours in craftiness,


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Sleepy Hedgehogs…

I was over at Mary’s the other day crafting and cutting out the parts for some sleepy hedgehogs.  I have just finished their faces and am ready to sew them all together.  I am very happy with how they turned out.  It makes me anxious to sew them!  Mary wants one for her new apartment when they move next month.

In other news, although patience isn’t my strongest virtue, I am waiting for my copy of “Stuffed” magazine to come in the mail.  I have seen from their blogs that other plush artists have received their copy, but I am yet to get mine.  Each day, when I walk up to our mailbox, I am a bundle of nerves and am greatly anticipating this publication!  I guess it is a lesson in patience…

Last night I attended a screening of a movie that isn’t coming out until next year.  It was roughly edited and our job was to fill out a survey at the end, with our feedback.  I’m not allowed to talk about the film at all, it’s strictly confidential, but there were some famous actors in it.  The cool part was that it was at the “Lot”.  The lot is a famous landmark here in Hollywood.  It used to be Pickford/Fairbanks studios, then United Artists, and then Warner studios.  It is still used for television and movies and lots of post production.  It’s legendary and it’s where they used to shoot the Love Boat!

Okay, we are off to run errands on this beautiful SoCal day!

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Some Crafty Critters

I finally got some stuffing and finished some of my critters and I’m quite please with the final results.  First there is Wentzel and Wendell, the wolf brothers.  I ran out of my favorite fox fur and wanted to make something similar, so I decided on grey wolves.  It’s a month until Renegade L.A., a huge craft show that I will be doing, and I am busily crafting.  Next, I made some chipmunks.  Their names are Chuck and Chauncey.  The chipmunks took a little longer than usual to make because I had to hand sew their chipmunk stripes to their heads.  I really love chipmunks!  When my sister and I were little, there used to be a chipmunk at our summerhome that we could feed by hand.  You would hold a peanut in your hand and he would crawl on your hand to get the peanut.  His name was “Chippy” of course.  Stuffed magazine comes out on July 1st and I’ve already got a few emails from people who have a subscription and have already received their copy.  I’ve gotten some nice compliments and it makes me feel great!  It’s funny, because I’m sure a lot of artists will agree with me when I say that the work that I submitted for Stuffed is good, but the pieces that I am making now are even better.  Practice gets us closer to perfect I guess.

I’m off to play tennis in Mar Vista.  Now when I say that, I actually mean, I’m going to rally the tennis ball, because I don’t really play tennis.  But it’s still fun, nonetheless.

I hope you are all having a nice summer, with great summery weather!


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Chipmunks and Wolves…

I have skipped a few days on blogging.  As I mentioned before, my favorite blogs are the ones who blog almost every day.  Heidi Kenney is great for this and I admire her greatly for it!  It’s not that she always does a big write up either.  She  sometimes just writes a few words and accompanies them with photos.  I really enjoy it.  So, not much to write about.  I had a nice day yesterday with Barry.  We went for a hike into the Hollywood Hills and sat up on the rooftop and attended the Sunset Strip Farmer’s Market.  We sampled some delicious paella and Ecuadorian black bean tamales and all was yummy!

As for today, I have been quite busy.  I chatted with my sister for two hours.  I finally had to get off the phone because my ear was smushed and hurting.  It was a great talk and I am going out to visit them in August to help them move from upstate New York to Northhampton, Massachusetts.  I had a few sales and I am sewing away at some little chipmunks and wolves.  I got new fur that is perfect for chipmunks and new wolf fur also.  The chipmunks are not stuffed, but here is a sneak peek…

I will be working on these wolves next… Stay tuned for the finished works sometime very soon!  One of them is a bit cranky.  But cute, nonetheless…

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Lundi Lundi.


As I mentioned briefly, the birds are almost finished, but I ran out of stuffing.  I will be getting some more tonight on my way to the airport to pick up my husband.  He has been in Florida visiting his Dad with his Brother.  It has been very quiet around here, but Reg the cat and I will be happy to have him back!

The birds are waiting patiently to be able to fly!  Yesterday I needed an adventure, so I walked to the Melrose Trading Post.  It’s this huge outdoor flea market that is put on by the Fairfax High School every Sunday.  It’s been going since the 90’s and each time I go, it seems to get better and better.  You can find everything there from vintage clothes, jean shorts, art, jewelry, junk, records, and lots of repurposed furniture.  It’s a good 25 block walk and I had a few blisters because I keep wearing my shoes that are too tight and they aren’t stretching out.  I also stopped at WholeFoods for some things and the inside of my tea bottle made my day!  I came across this on my walk, right near my place!  I mentioned it recently saying that I was loving it!  I like the sign and the green building on the right is Mark Mothersbaugh’s recording studios.  You may know him from Devo, but also this is where they produce music for Wes Anderson movies, among others!  I walked along Fountain Avenue to get to the Trading Post and Fountain is very historic and full of wonderful architecture from the 20’s.  The Chateau Frontenac is a historic Canadian landmark in Quebec City and I found another one in my neighbourhood!  Now I have been to both.  This building, the El Mirador is Barry’s favourite.  I think it looks like a hotel…If I lived here, I’d feel like a bullfighter!I really like these old apartments and I think this is an original garage sliding door.  And of course if you lived here, you’d call it the Casbah.  I was quite hot when I arrived at the flea market, but I managed to walk around and see most of it.  I didn’t take many photos, but I did take this one as I mourned the loss of a once loved Teddy Ruxpin nearing his eminent death…There was a furbee there also, but I couldn’t bear to take his photo as he was quite dishevelled.  I did purchase some small hemostat scissors to help me to turn things inside out and a vintage suitcase to use to display my softies.  It was pretty funny to walk home with this.  I think I looked a bit like a homeless person…The fun thing about going to the Trading Post is that KidRobot, one of my favourite stores is on the way home…It’s a toy store for adults who embrace their inner child, such as myself.  I may have bought a blind Treeson box and I may have opened it and gotten one that I really wanted…Okay, I have to make the place all homey and cozy for my husband’s return this evening.  Happy in Crafting……..