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An End to a Crafty Weekend!

Well, I just spend two days as a vendor at Renegade L.A.  Craft Fair.  It was held at a beautiful location in downtown Los Angeles in a large field called the Los Angeles State Historic Park.  We had very hot and sunny weather to contend with, but despite the high heat, there was a lot of fun to be had.  This photo was taken with my lomo camera with fisheye.  I didn’t get much opportunity to leave my booth, but I strolled around a few times and caught some of the other vendors art.  There was a lot of high quality items and many things that I would have liked, but I mostly stood on guard at my booth and chatted with people.  I met so many great people and received some wonderful feedback from them.  I also made a few really great connections.  One with with a store that I will hopefully be getting my plush into, another was a gallery owner who was very interested in selling my jointed faux-fur bears, and another was with a studio rental company, who would like to rent out my plush to film and television prop-masters as background pieces.  My most favorite customer was a very sweet lady named Pamela Ko.  She said that she saw my plush online and came to Renegade looking for me, to buy my plush.  She picked out some of her favorites and I enjoyed her so much, I wouldn’t let her leave without a hug!  So, Pamela, if you read this…. thanks again and your copy of Stuffed Magazine is in the mail!  This photo did not come out well, but I wanted to show you how a few of my softies were swinging on swings all day at the back of the canopy.  Thanks for the great idea Mary!  And speaking of Mary, my booth-mate at Renegade, she had some great items for sale, such as organic, fair-trade, screen printed bags, cards, postcards and prints, along with handmade organic baby bibs, eye pillows and journals.  marylundquist.com

I also wanted to say one more thank you to the couple who purchased SuperReg the Super Raccoon, my biggest softie that I have ever made!  They bought it for their infant son and I am sure it will look great in his room!  I am off to upstate New York to help my sister and family with their move to Northhampton, Massachusetts.  I can’t wait to hang out with my nephew and niece.  Look out Tilden and Ida, here comes Auntie J!  I leave you with my favorite photo of SuperReg the SuperRaccoon fighting crime from a tree above the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. 

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Two Days until Renegade Craft Fair! Los Angeles.

I really have been meaning to blog about Part 2 of my trip to wonderful Portland, but I am very busy getting ready for Renegade.  I have lots of new softies that are very excited to go and try and be adopted.  This bird and lion are unlikely friends.This lion is very conservative and the grey wolf just wants to play with him.

And finally this bird, well, he’s just in a world all to himself…If you are planning on heading downtown L.A. to the Renegade Craft Fair here are a few things to know…

It is supposed to get quite hot this weekend.  They are calling for 90F weather, so dress appropriately and stay cool.

Also, I attended last year just to shop and I found it a little difficult to find.  It’s in the Los Angeles State Historic Park, but the locals call it the “cornfield”.  Just get to the Chinatown subway stop and Renegade is literally two minutes away.  You can’t miss it.

And finally, a huge thanks to Liz Scott, a wonderful fabric designer who blogged all about me today!  You can read it here…http://paperpie.typepad.com/paperpie/

Yours in crafting…


Yours in Crafting…


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Portland Pt 1…

I am back from a week away in Portland.  I had never been there before and I loved it as much as I thought that I would.  There is a lot to blog about, so I will be splitting this blog post in two.  Renegade L.A.  is this weekend and I am busy putting everything together and finishing up some more softies.

So, Portland is wonderful place to explore!  There are many Farmer’s Markets, exceptional restaurants, and a lot of art galleries and museums.  I recognized this wall from Portlandia, which is one of my all-time favorite shows!  On my second day in Portland, I did a three hour bike tour of downtown.  This is a great way to discover things and learn about the city.  I suggest Pedal Bike Tours.  The bike was decent, the tour guide was lively, local and knowledgeable and I got to see the whole downtown and then decide what I would go back and visit another time.  This mural was being painted outside of the bike tour shop and eventually it read, “Welcome to America’s Bike Capital”.  I arrived at the bike tour ahead of time, and as I wandered around, I discovered the most wonderful aroma and landed myself at Voodoo Donuts around the corner.  This place is very popular and I had to wait in a line-up and when I finally got a donut, I completely devoured it.  I got a vegan donut with maple frosting and it was worth it!  Portland has over 50 breweries and this was a good one in the Pearl District which was very artsy and cool.  There are many outdoor fountains around town which make for fun summer splash parks for kids!  This one was adorable. 

This is a neat building called the Ecotrust building.  Barry and I went to Hot Lips Pizza and both agreed that it was some of the best pizza that we had ever had!  I found the giant statue affixed to a building entitled “Portlandia”.  It was pretty spectacular and my photo doesn’t do it justice.  We were in Portland because my husband had a conference  for Retail Camera Shop Managers and Owners and every night there were events that the family could attend.  We got to go on a dinner cruise on this boat, The Portland Spirit.  The buffet dinner on the boat and open bar were great and a we travelled up and down the Willamette River.  There were many great houseboat communities along the shore and this was was adorable.

The next day I visited Chinatown and the Lan Su Gardens.  It was a little oasis in the middle of the city.  This is the end of Portland Pt 1, and I will leave you with a photo of my lunch right after leaving these gardens.  I found a vegan chinese food buffet at a little hole in the wall restaurant.  I don’t even know the name?  But it was $8.oo and I left very happy.  Stay tuned for more Portland soon…

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Put A Bird On It!

Yup!  That’s right!  Tomorrow I will be in Portland!  I am pretty excited!  I am doing a bike tour of the city and I will be visiting the Art Gallery and the Museum of Craft.  It will be fun to explore the unknown and the weather is supposed to be excellent summer weather.    I have never been to Portland.  I have only driven through Oregon once, when I moved to L.A.  I was supposed to meet my then fiancee Barry in Portland.  But, he had an unexpected health issue and ended up in surgery.  And so, I sped through Oregon, only stopping for lunch in Eugene.  This time will be better!

I went over to Mary’s today and we are gearing up for Renegade Craft Fair at the end of July.  Our canopy is going to look great and we will be protected from wind, dirt and sun with our awesome new canopy drapes that Mary is making!

I made a few raccoons and they are eager to go downtown!  Here is one in my garden.  Wahoo!  UPS just stopped by and delivered my new business cards.  Surprise Mary!  My talented friend, marylundquist.com drew this and I think it’s great!  She wanted a hedgehog of mine and now it will be free as a token of my thanks.  Here’s what the cards look like…It’s time to go and pack.  I will try and post while in Portland, although it will be done with our Nook, so it may be a challenge.  (p.s. if you haven’t seen Portlandia, my favorite show, then you won’t get the “bird” reference in my title!  I highly recommend you google “Put a bird on it”)

I hope everyone is keeping cool during this heat wave.  Yours in crafting…  Jenny

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Wilhelmina Wheeler is here

Introducing Wilhelmina Wheeler the rollerskating lion.  She lives in West Hollywood and because it is not the most bike-friendly area, she chooses to wheel around wherever she goes.  She’s not really into roller derby because it’s a bit too rough for her gentle nature.  She prefers to skate at leisure and smell the flowers and enjoy the foliage at the Sunset Plaza.  I just love how she came out and I am going to make a few more in the next few days.  Maybe my new critters will be wearing sneakers instead?  The skates are a bit of a challenge, but I like the amount of hand sewing I get to do, plus the needlefelted wheels.  Everything is coming together for Renegade L.A. Craft Fair at the end of the month and I just did an inventory of what I have and what I need and I am pretty on top of it.  This is good because we are going to Portland this week for a small trip.  I have never been to Portland and am quite excited.  I am signing up for a 3 hour bike tour of downtown and will be going to the Art Museum also.  I can’t wait to explore!  I will leave you with my favorite photo of my favorite new friend! 

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Feline Afternoon

I am finishing up a few cats this afternoon.  Although I would normally head up to the rooftop to take some photos, it is not sunny out today.  I am not complaining, but let’s just say that I cannot remember the last time it was overcast in L.A.  It was at least 3 months ago.  Can you guess what these are going to be?  They will eventually be rollerskates for this lion that has yet to be sewn.I am hoping the skates turn out like the awesome ones that Fergus the Raccoon wears…Okay, enough talk and more action in the crafting department!  Oh and check out my good friend Mary Lundquist’s latest blog post.       http://marylundquistillustration.blogspot.com/       Mary and I are sharing a booth at Renegade Los Angeles in late July and she has just made some new postcards.  The print with the girl on it is me!  Mary rocks!

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Summertime on my L.A. patio!

It is finally summer on our patio.  I went and got a few new plants and flowers today and was up to my elbows in dirt, but now I feel happy about our outdoor space.  It’s great to have an outdoor space in a city.  And I really love plants and gardening and this is the best and only space that I’ve got.   Maybe my planters might brighten someone’s day next door when they walk by!  And in wonderful news… Renegade L.A. Craft Fair is in a little over two weeks and I am gearing up for that!  The softies cannot wait to go downtown and be part of an awesome event and they hope to be adopted into a nice home.  Here is the poster!