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On Saturday I attended Uglycon.  It’s an homage to the Uglydoll and was held at GiantRobot 2 in Los Angeles.  David Horvath and his co-creator Sun-min Kim were both there and a fun time was had by all.   The talent and creativity of all of the Plush Artists involved was a bit overwhelming and I felt honored to be a part of this show.

I had been asked to make a Babo plush, with my own design.  I made three.  I love the Viking Babo by Saint Angel Productions.  His name is Babowski.

uglycon three Babos

The giant one was inspired by Venice Beach and the 70’s and 80’s rollerskating theme that existed there.

wall of babos

This was my second Plush show and I was once again humbled and honored to be part of such a talented group of artists!  Check out the tiny crocheted Babos on the wall.  I like the Mickey Mouse and Yoda amigurimis!  They are by Jake Henzler.  The tiny crocheted Babo on the shelf is by Denise Ferguson of Yummypancake.

cookie juggler

I really loved this Cookie Juggler by House of Darkly.  I thought it was adorable.

oopsnein leeanna butcher

These three pieces are all from Plush Artists that I know of!  The octopus totem pole is by Gretchen Lewis of  Oopisnein.  The cowboy is Buckaroo Babo by Leeanna Butcher, and the kid in the Babo suit is by Octokitty(Denn Rodriguez)

sailor luchador shaggy babo

I am delighted by this particular group of softies.  The sailor Babo and the ice cream are by Scrumptious Delight.  The blue horned Babo is a Fenwick Babo by Michal-Wright Ward.  The Shaggy grey Babo is by Mr. Toast(Dan Goodsell).  The luchador Babo is also by Denn Rodriguez of Octokitty.

cookie bandit

This tiny Babo is called the Cookie Bandit by plushPLAY(Mariangela Tan)  I also do needle-felting and understand the meticulousness of this piece!


This Cookie Thief by Lana Crooks is also quite intricate!  I highly admire her work.

heidi babo 2

The large plush above is Enky Babo by Enky Skulls.  The bottom Babo who is quite tiny is by Heidi Kenny of My Paper Crane, who much like the Uglydoll, has a collection of designs made by Kidrobot called Yummy.  This piece was a fun one and so tiny and intricate!

cotton monster and barbato babo

The monster on the left is called Mondo Monster by Cotton Monster/Jennifer Strunge and the one on the right is the Wooly Babo by Phil Barbato.  I love these two!


This Baborilla by Jerome Lu and Daisy Chow was giant and quite spectacular.  These two were at Uglycon and I had the chance to meet them.  They were quite proud of their piece and rightfully so!

flat bonnie baborilla janiexy

Below Baborilla were some pieces by Flat Bonnie that were adorable and off to the right was a spectacular work by JanieXY entitled Babo James Babo – The Spy Who Loved Cookies.  If you look above the box on the right, there is a piece by Laura Grandlun  and it’s a Grey Gardens Babo.  I love it!

crazy babo

This Babo is a straight jacket is called Crazy for Cookies by Tsai-Fi, and the small chocolate chip Babo is another one by Jake Henzler.

This Babobot by Zooguu(Jen and Brian Gubicza) was quite impressive.  Note the tiny Babo driving the big Babobot.

babobot etc

The plush in the middle with his little orange friend is Obab and Tako by Shawnimals.  Below is Melissa Hsu of Susuten and her adorable cookie hunter Babo and to the right is a Babo bee by Anna Chambers.

And one more photo of the Plush Art has Babo caught stealing from the cookie jar by Horrible Adorables and Babo goes to France by Hibou Designs.  horrible hibou touched up

Besides all of the wonderful artist plush, I was very impressed with the Babo fan plush that was displayed.  Some of these makers have the title “plush artist” in their futures!

Here is the fan art wall.  fan art

There was also a lot of great Babo art at Uglycon!

James Kochalka did some tiny paintings…


And check out all of this great wall art!

uglycon wall art

I am particularly partial to these hoop embroideries with felt.

babo hoops

These are by Bored Inc.

jeni yang cookie balance

My favorite art was this cut-out piece by Jeni Yang called Cookie Balance.  It’s so awesome, it has a red dot, which means someone has already snatched this piece up!

Uglycon had a great turn out and is still going for a few weeks, so if you get the chance and are in L.A., go to GiantRobot 2 and check it out!

gr2 outside

A special thanks to Eric and Dean for their hospitality and overall awesomeness!

Here’s what I am working on.  Soon to be magnets… Yours in crafting,

craft group 7   

Author: teddybearrepublic Jenny Smith

My name is Jenny Smith and I am a Teddy Bear Artist. I have a need to be creative many hours per day. I am currently living in West Hollywood and my Canadian blood is enjoying the sunny warmth of Southern California. When I am not sewing and creating, you can find me, running, working out, writing, drawing, reading, gardening and attending the occasional flea market.

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