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Happy Weekend/Holiday/Spring!

Cumberbatch Bunny was created today and was inspired by this holiday weekend!  She was super fun to make and came out the way I had envisioned, which isn’t always the case when making plush.

Cumberbatch Bunny stand two


My next little project is to make some softies that are more gender neutral.  Not as much pink/ purple, but “boyish” color schemes.  Translation is “Not Girly”.  This will be a fun challenge.

But here is Cumberbatch with his friend Kroeger Koala!

Cumberbatch Bunny and Kroeger Koala


We are making a special Easter dinner tonight.  I am most excited for the green beans and roasted potatoes.

Have a wonderful week,  full of productivity.  Yours in crafting,

Cumberbatch Bunny triangle

Good friends are there to boost you up when you need it.




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Back to work…

So I am back to sewing after my vacation/makers conference and I just finished a custom order for two raccoons for a brother and sister.  Silly me, I forgot to take a photo of them to show you.  Oh well.

I have a few new listings in MY SHOP.  Some bunnies and a lion.  If you need a quick bunny, you should head there asap!

orange and purple bunny

This lion is on there too.  His name is Chauncey!

aneela hoey lion stand

I had a bit of a photoshoot for fun and here are a few of my faves!

large lion small lion

large koala sit arms in

I hope you are having a great day!  My day was full of errands and just an overall feeling that I shouldn’t be out and about.  Some days it’s just better to stay put.

Yours in crafting,



Well, it was a wonderful trip to Ventura for the Conference for Makers, Craftcation.  The silliest thing is that I forgot my camera, so I don’t have any photos to share today, but I will work on pulling them from my phone this week.  My phone is out of order today 😦

Anyway,it  is kind of difficult to describe my experience at Craftcation  because my brain is completely overwhelmed with information and tips and all of that is just swirling around in my head!  What I will say is that Ventura is very beautiful and the Crowne Plaza where we stayed is RIGHT on the ocean which is great!  I didn’t actually experience much Rest and Relaxation because I was running around and trying to not let my brain explode with knowledge.

I took seminars on various topics such as SEO optimization, effective blogging, branding, how to format and publish a pattern, how to teach my craft, WordPress, optimizing my blog following etc.  I took many notes and there is a lot I need to improve and think about now.

They told us to bring a sample of our craft, so I was always walking around with a softie poking out of my bag, and that gave them a lot of attention.  I brought some extras because I knew that some people would want to purchase them and was quite touched with the amount of love they received.  It reminded me that I am doing what I love and putting full effort into it and I am appreciated for that.  I need to thank Angie, Lindsay, Heather and Kelly from SuperBuzzy  for their support!  Especially Angie who made off with three of my softies this weekend, including Fergus the SuperRaccoon.

Fergus the SuperRaccoon

Fergus also had a rainbow sweatband on, that I had added for the conference so that he could be my true SuperRaccoon companion!  Fergus is all to SanFrancisco and I am happy for him to be in such loving company.  Ingmar the Hedgehog is also off to San Fran and I’m sure he’ll enjoy it there!

hoglet contrast sitting g

I met some really great and crafty people and I felt less “alone” when it comes to having my small business.  I received support and validation, and learned that it is truly important to take my talents and to do what I love.  I hope to keep in touch with many of the other artists that I met and I hope that we can help each other to be accountable.  There are going to be some changes.  Not to my work, but maybe to this site and with my shop etc.

My friend Polly  of PollyAnnaCowgirl also wrote a great blog post about Craftcation, and there is even a nice little photo of me with Fergus the SuperRaccoon and so you should most definitely check it out!


Again I apologize for not having photos of the conference, but if you are really interested, we had a pro-photographer shoot the whole thing and he is going to have all of the photos up on his website in the next week.  His site is Matthew Williams Photography and there should be some good ones up there. Just go to his site, click on clients and then on Craftcation.  He says they will be up soon.   As I mentioned earlier, my phone is on the brink and I don’t even have it today for Instagram.  This will be good because I am working on a custom commission and I don’t need the distraction, however pleasant.

Okay, I need to go and be productive now,

Yours in crafting,

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Lee Lee Lion

Lee Lee is finally finished.  She is large sized, about the size of a toddler, over 30 inches tall.  Her shirt consists of fabric by artist Andrea Lauren.  It has animals playing musical instruments.  I love it.  I’m off to Ventura for a craft conference, and maybe Lee Lee will make the journey with me.

li l 004

She seems like the travelling type.

li l 008


I made some extra business cards today.  I love the look of hand-stamping, and chipboard cardstock.  It gives it a more personal touch, and it’s more rewarding than having cards made for me.  I have more satisfaction in doing it myself and I don’t have to wait for my cards to come in the mail.


cards lightened


My yoga class is going well and I find the entire experience more than enjoyable.  I get a nice warm-up by walking the 10-15 minutes to the spa.  Then, I get to practice yoga in a beautiful outdoor wooden deck in the backyard of the spa.  I then feel fantastic for the rest of  the day.  I highly recommend a small yoga class.  It’s so much more personal.

Craftcation is in two days and counting…

Yours in crafting,

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Bunnies and Lions

It’s a beautiful summery day here in West Hollywood.  The temperature is expected to hit 81F and I am going to go for a walk and enjoy it.  I have been busy sewing as usual, and have just finished this bunny and lion,

march 434

I have to admit to you that I haven’t been as diligent at blogging because I am now in Instagram (teddybearrepublic) and I don’t feel the desire to blog as much lately.

I went to a new yoga class yesterday and the place is very beautiful.  It’s an outdoor wooden deck surrounded by trees and plants in the backyard of the Shahr spa.  I very much enjoyed the class and will be attending at least two times/week.

On the weekend, I discovered MOOD.  It’s a designer fabric store and it is pretty much an amusement park for me!  They have so many faux furs and accessories, and a wonderful wool fabric selection.  It’s at La Brea/Wilshire and if you live in LA and are crafty, you have to go.  You will love it.  They even offer sewing classes.

It’s time for me to exercise now.  Stay tuned for orange and purple bunnies…

march 435