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Foxy Mc Heartpants

I have had a productive day and have gotten all that I wanted to accomplish in the sewing department done.  I dropped off another giant lion to Tweak today and I found it difficult to part ways with her.  I had to park a block and a half away from the shop, and I only had the one big lion, so I was carrying her under my arm.  We took up the whole sidewalk because of her long, gangly arms.  I wonder if anyone saw me and wondered why I was carrying it.  Probably not because this is Los Angeles and stranger things are always happening.

lightened up

My sister gave me a bunch of pieces of various wool fabrics for Christmas.  As I have mentioned before, she has a wonderful wool and dye shop in her small neighborhood and some wool from this shop was on my Christmas list.  This beautiful rust brown piece had “fox softie” written all over it.  I decided to give this fox a Valentine’s theme and so was born – Foxy Mc Heartpants.

foxy retouched

Once again another fabric from Liz Scott.  This fabric is one of my faves.  And I supposed you’re wondering about the Mc Heartpants.  Well, here they are…

foxy retouched rear small

The ribbon on her cuffs is vintage 1950’s and her shoes are a soft cashmere/wool blend.

foxy retouched feet

Here’s another one of my most recent large lion.  She’s the size of a large toddler.  But with much longer arms.

Yours in crafting,

tweak2 lion chest

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Bearly Bears

It’s been a busy time for me here in West Hollywood.  I have been doing lots of creating and sewing and it’s nice to busy.  Four of my very large pieces are in a Prop House called Nest Studios in Burbank.  I am told that a few of them have been rented out already for t.v. shows and movies.  In exciting news, I got a call yesterday from NBC.   One of their staff purchased my giant lion from Tweak and today I had to sign a clearance so that they can use it on the show, “The New Normal”.  The premise of the show is a gay, male couple who are using a surrogate mother to have a baby.  It’s likely that my lion will become a permanent fixture to the baby’s nursery and will be featured on an episode about a baby shower/ nursery decorating theme.  I hope my lion does well and doesn’t get camera shy.  Here is a photo of him.

tweak softies and large lion Sunny 010

Today I am making a new giant lion for Tweak because their shop is quite lonely without him.

I just finished up two spring time bears who have pastel fur.  I love them and the green bear has fabric that is one of my friend‘s designs.  pastel bears 009

These bears are my medium sized softie and are 19 inches in height.  pastel bears 002

They are both wearing warm wool pants because it’s technically still winter.

pastel bears 007pastel bears 012

Well, I had better keep sewing.  I’ll post the new giant lion when she’s finished.  Yours in crafting,

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Rainy Saturday…

It’s raining here in West Hollywood and the rain has been on and off for three days.  Yesterday we went to Burbank to drop off my last piece to the Prop House.  The Prop House is called Nest Studios and is run by a very nice lady named Holiday. She said that one of my softies has already been rented out for television, so keep your eyes peeled for them on t.v.!

hoglet cropped and touched

It could be this hedgehog, or a raccoon, lion or pink bear.

I finally got a new smartphone.  It’s actually my first smartphone and I am happy to figure it out right now.  This will definitely help me when exploring the vast metropolis of Los Angeles and the valley.  Last night I made a case for it.

cropped case 001

I like it.  It’s quite bright, so my phone will be easier to find in a dark purse.

In other and extremely exciting news, I am registered for Craftcation in March.  Craftcation is exactly what it sounds like.  It’s a crafty conference/vacation.  It is in Ventura which is a bit north of Los Angeles.  The hotel is right on the ocean and it’s the hotel that was used in the film, “Little Miss Sunshine”  where the beauty pageant was held.  I am going for 4 days and most of the seminars that I will be taking are to help my craft business.  Classes such as advanced WordPress and digital camera info etc.  I plan to take a few fun classes too, including knitting and soy candle-making.  There is morning and evening yoga classes and I plan to skip out and take some of my lunches on the sandy beach.  I am looking forward to the 80’s dance party also.  I think that my outfit is going to be neon and it will definitely include my hair up in a side ponytail with a sweatband!  It’s going to be fun!

It would seem that the only ones enjoying the rain here in L.A. are the plants.  The bamboo outside my window seems pretty content.  smart phone case 004

Yours in crafting,

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Bye Guys!

These three giant softies are off to a Prop House in North Hollywood today.  I will be taking them there myself.  I get to sign a clearance that says that I approve of them being shown in television and movies.

Nest Large softies

I also found out that a softie that I made a year ago for a movie, may have made it into the movie.  It was a vintage looking large lion that was supposed to be in a child’s bedroom in the sixties.  The movie is called the Hands of Stone and is a boxing biopic about Roberto Duran of Panama.  It stars Robert Deniro, Gael Garcia Bernal and Usher.  It is supposed to be released sometime this year.  Here is a photo of the lion.

felt bunnies, retro giant lion, plush bunnies 038

Hopefully he makes it into the film, but ultimately it’s up to the editor.

It’s still beautiful weather here in L.A. and I feel for some of my friends and family out east.  It’s up to minus 35 in Worcester, MA and it’s 80F here today.   Stay warm East Coasters,   Yours in crafting,

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Time for a nap…

These new softies are in their pajamas.  Don’t they look cozy?

softies in pjs 011

Not only are they in their p.j.’s, they have cozy slippers on.  The bunny has fox slippers on.

softies in pjs 008

The bear has bear slippers on.

softies in pjs 009

They also both has trap doors on the back of their jammies.

softies in pjs 004

softies in pjs 006

I also made a blue bear.  He is quite fun.

softies in pjs 018

I especially like his plaid wool pants.

I am very busy this week.  I am making some things for Tweak the shop for Valentines, and for a prophouse in Burbank.  It’s great to be busy.  The weather is finally getting warmer again and we can have the windows open  without freezing.  The cold snap was kind of nice, but it’s better when it’s warm here in L.A.

I must get back to sewing, but I wanted to share a photo of my buddy Reg.  We spend a lot of time together.  This photo didn’t really catch his cuteness, but I feel it’s an accurate finicky cat look that he’s giving the camera.  Yours in crafting,

softies in pjs 019

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Giant Pink Bear…

Introducing the Giant Pink Bear ~ just in time for Valentines.  I love this guy and his pink neon goodness.

giant pink bear cross

Unfortunately, this bear isn’t very happy that he is getting his photo taken.  You can tell by his body language.  The cool thing about this bear is that he is big.  He’s 30 inches tall and the size of a toddler.  Here is is next to a 19 inch bear, who is equally unhappy about getting his photo taken.

giant pink bear and purple bear cross

Here is a photo of them after they have loosened up a bit and are getting comfortable with the camera.

giant pink bear and purple bear happy

I am loving the new camera.  I can crop the photos right on the camera.  Also, there are so many settings to play with.  I have saturated the photos with Picasa because I wanted you to see just how bright and neon-y the pink fabric is.  It may be a bit over the top, but I think it makes these bears pop!   Okay,yours in crafting,


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Good day for a bike ride!

I biked to Larchmont Village today.  It’s just past Hancock Park area.It’s only 4 miles away.    I love discovering new little pockets in Los Angeles and this one was fun.  I went to Cafe Gratitude for lunch.  This is a well known vegan restaurant and I have been meaning to go.  It was a little nicer inside than I thought it was going to be and I was a bit embarassed when the hostess seated me because I was a bit of a sweaty mess from biking there.  I had the most amazing wrap called the I am Guapo.  Here is a description…Our Mexican torta sandwich on grilled Panini bread with pureed black beans, cashew nacho cheese, spicy red pepper sauce, crispy chipotle-maple coconut, romaine lettuce, tomato and avocado. I substituted the bread with a raw tomato wrap that was completely delicious.  I have to say that it was one of the best meals I have ever had!  There was big pieces of coconut that seemed almost meaty.  I feel so great after eating it.  I can’t wait to go back!

Sorry I didn’t take photos.  I didn’t want to bring my camera on my bike and I am a week away from a new smartphone.  I also went to Babycakes which is a vegan, gluten free bakery.  I managed to cycle all the way home without ruining the two red velvet cupcakes on the back of my bike.  We will try them later.

My sewing machine is on the blitz.  It has served me very well for two years and because it’s not industrial, it may have just run it’s course.  I have to decide it it’s worth getting fixed, or if it’s better to just invest in a new machine.  I managed to finish these two 19 inch softies before my machine totally misbehaved.  They may be going to a prop house if things go well for them.

purple bear and hoglet 19 inches 001

I am glad they made it through the torture of my deranged sewing machine.

purple bear and hoglet 19 inches 002

I love this new purple fur.  It’s really soft.

purple bear and hoglet 19 inches 003

Thanks for stopping by,     Yours in crafting,