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I am working on some funky hedgehogs that are going to get mailed off to Worcester, Massachusetts for the Start On The Street Festival in a few weeks.  I will be joining them then.  Today was very hot, so a friend came over with her baby and we hit the pool.  I was supposed to go to Eagle Rock, but the forecast predicted that it was going to be over 100F, so I changed my plan.  This is their pre-stuffed look, but soon they will be full of stuffing and ready to cuddle.  The checkered fabric is thanks to Liz Scott, local fabric designer.  Yours in crafting…

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These are a few of my favorite things…

I really would love to show you the latest thing that I have made, but it’s a surprise of sorts, kind of a commission.  And I am afraid that the person that it’s for, might check out my blog and all would be spoiled.  So, instead I’m going to show you a few of my favorite things!

Pancakes!  Especially mini ones because they are so cute and so yummy!  But, they must have REAL maple syrup on them.

Next is my record collection.  These records are my happy place.  Yesterday, I put a record on to overpower my neighbor who was blasting Enya, and I realized that I don’t listen to my records enough.  Probably because I share my turntable space with my sewing machine, but I won’t go into it…Next is my Jeffrey Brown book collection.  Jeff has a series of graphic novel type memoirs and his whimsical drawings combined with his semi-neurotic brain make it very endearing to me.  His newest book is Darth Vader and Son and it’s pretty great!My Newfoundland rug hooking.  My sister went to Newfoundland where we have ancestry and brought me back this awesome burlap rug hooking kit.   Back in the old days, there was no central heating in Newfie houses, so they used to recycle their burlap sacks and tear up old clothing and hook it into the burlap.  Then they would use them as rugs to help insulate and retain heat.  This one took me a whole summer and I added the door into the hooking, and I just love it!  My face mugs came from a store called Pinch in Northampton, Massachusetts.  I love the faces on them and if you use them to drink out of, there is a face looking at you! 

I love my tiny Jeremyville vinyl figures.  They are from Kidrobot and I don’t have the whole set, but I’ve tried and gotten many doubles.  I think the bunny and the sunshine are the best!  These are tiny and less than an inch tall.  If you go to the Tender Greens restaurant in Santa Monica, it’s decorated completely with Jeremyville paintings and prints.

I so very much love my little porcelain squirrel set.  There is a shop at the Grove that sells vintage toys etc, they they find in old warehouses that seem brand new.  They have so much good stuff in there that you think that everything is a knock-off, but it is totally authentic.  I bought myself those squirrels for my birthday and they are from the 50’s and were made in Japan. 

My sister(Keri Smith) made me this painting.  His name is Marcel and he is from Montmartre which is what it says on the back. 

Reg the Cat is one of my favorite things.  He came with my husband and has grown on me quite a bit.  If you have a black cat, you will understand just how difficult it is to take a photo of them.  The black just washes it all out.  This was the best I could do today.

This painting was given to me when I lived in Victoria, B.C.  It was done by a Nanaimo artist and it is a painting of his cat, dreaming of a female cat bringing him some freshly killed dinner.  It is painted on a used skateboard deck. 

And finally, anyone that knows me know that I love to garden and I love my little patio here in West Hollywood. 

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Hello all!  I am very pleased to announce that starting this fall, my softies will be for sale at Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art(L.A. MOCA).  It’s a very cool shop downtown, attached to the MOCA and I love it there!


I have been working on some cats and wolves these past few days.  They have been fun and a tiny bit challenging for various reasons, but satisfying.  Tomorrow I will be at Bubble Punch.  A craft fair for geekery and free San Rio giveaways.  I look forward to it especially because it will be held at Meltdown Comics, one of my favorite shops.  Stop by if you are in L.A.  It starts at 2pm.

Yours in crafting,

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Baskets of Gratitude!

I just wanted to do a HUGE shout out to Liz Scott, Los Angeles Fabric Designer extraordinaire!  She sent me a selection of fat quarters to use to make my softies! She also sent me a very kind and encouraging note.   I love Liz’s fabrics!  They are so bright and whimsical and just plain beautiful.  I will be interviewing her in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for that!  Sorry the photo isn’t brighter, but it is unusually grey in Los Angeles today!  I am off to a top secret meeting and I’ll tell you all about it as soon as I can!       Yours in crafting…

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Girl’s Day!

Today has turned into Girl’s Day for me.  I am meeting up with a new West Hollywood friend that I met at Renegade and we are going to one of my favorite places for brunch.  Then another friend is coming over at noon for lunch and we are going to hang by the pool.  This is good.  I need a crafting break and some quality girl time.  The gang are having fun too!

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More of Thurston please!

I am very excited to introduce my newest hedgehog, Thurston.  Thurston is very hip and is actually the frontman for the alt/rock band Sonic Hedgehog Youth.  He lives in L.A. and travels the world playing gigs with his band and although they haven’t headlined, they have played with many well-known bands such as The Rolling Pinecones,  The Black Trees and De La Mole.

Thurston was quite a challenge to make because although the plaid for his pants is new fabric, it is a very delicate, weaved wool blend and it frays quite a lot.  Even with fray-stop, it still takes a beating when you cut into it.  But, after finishing him up, I think the tediousness of the project was well worth  it.  I may not be able to put Thurston up for sale right away, because I am most definitely smitten for this little prickly guy!  Plus, it’s really difficult to pull him away from our ficus tree!  Yours in crafting,  jenny