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Hello All!

It’s been a crafty week for me and I can’t get enough sewing in.


black cat and pink bunny 2014 01

These two are off to the Crompton Collective in Worcester, MA.  If you are ever in Worcester, you must stop into this amazing 8000 square foot space. Crompton Collective


Mr and Mrs. Fox 1

I’ve had the materials to make my tribute art to my favorite movie for awhile now.  Mr and Mrs Fox were delightful to make.  I feel that through my design, they came out looking a little more 70’s.  Mr. Fox looks as if he’s wearing a Steve Austin inspired corduroy Tuxedo.  And Mrs Fox has an elastic skirt, instead of her one piece dress, with a bodysuit underneath.

Mr and Mrs. Fox 5

A complete joy to make and such a mix of fabrics – all meshed together.

Mrs. Fox 3 Mr Fox 2

These will be listed in my shop and I think they should be sold together as a pair.  They would prefer not to be separated 🙂

Mr and Mrs Fox 4

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It’s Friday!

Well,  it’s Friday here in West Hollywood and what can I tell you ?  Oh… lots.  My softies are now available at the L.A. MOCA Store in downtown Los Angeles.  They have a variety of my critters.  There will be a Mike Kelley exhibit there in March and if you are familiar with his work, one of his mediums was large clumps of stuffed animals.

group shot sept update 01

I am also now a member of Academy of Handmade and it’s great to be involved with so many creatives.  Thanks K.C. and Sharon!  You rock!

I have been sewing some small softies and here is a glimpse…smalls feb 4th lion2


This lion is one of my favorites.

smalls feb 4th bunny1

I am still making hedgehogs also…

smalls feb 4th hoglet1

Alright, it’s time to go and sew some more.  There are always things to make and create!

Yours in crafting,

smalls feb 4th koala1