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Time Flies!

Well, I knew that I hadn’t blogged for awhile, but I can’t believe that I went two weeks without blogging.  I am trying to think of where all of the time went?  I had a few nice visits from Canadian friends.  B made us a nice brunch and we caught up.  My other friend that was visiting wanted to see the ocean, so we made our way to Santa Monica and rented cruiser bikes to ride up and down the beaches!  That was fun.  It’s great when people come to visit because I get to see Los Angeles through their eyes.

I was going to get back to blogging last week, then the Boston Marathon bombing happened and it spoiled the mood for me.  That was upsetting for obvious reasons and I decided to stay silent for a bit.  It really made me think about my life and just how precious it is.  I think the  thing that was the most upsetting is that the people who were hurt were there to support their friends and family and were being completely unselfish when the bomb went off.  Then it made me think about Los Angeles and how many times I am in a crowd, doing something fun, when something sickening like that could happen.  Anyway, on to happier things…

I have been sewing a lot and here are a few things that I have been working on…

First, I have been making cats and dogs.  Although, I prefer making raccoons, lions and hedgehogs, I realize that dogs and cats are quite popular.  And I actually surprised myself with how fun they were to make.

superfriendz and dog and cat 009

The cat is my favorite, although I love the dog’s eye patch also.  He’s a mutt.

My most recent project were these two SuperRaccoons.  I just got this fur from International Silks and Woolens which is a 40 year old family business here in West Hollywood.  This brown fur is super soft and easy to work with.

superfriendz close

They have capes and possess the ability to fly.

superfriendz and dog and cat 010

And finally, I have some exciting news!  (not really) I have graduated onto my first box of 10lb stuffing!  This thing is monstrous, but much needed!  superfriendz and dog and cat 008


I hope that you all had a nice Earth Day.  I hiked a trail on the valley side of Laurel Canyon and it took me to the Coldwater Canyon Park and the Tree People and was quite beautiful.

Now, I must run and get to yoga!

Yours in crafting,

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Windy Tuesday!

We had some record winds yesterday here in L.A., and it’s still windy today.  There were damages and they are talking about it on the news. Our power was out for a few hours and I had to make soup by candlelight.   We were fine here, except for a semi-sketched out cat and lots of leaves and debris.  I am mourning the loss of a my beautiful flower box that hangs off of our patio balcony.  Something was poured off of the roof yesterday and it has crushed and killed my entire box of begonias.  I hope somebody owns up to it.  It made me frustrated and sad.

I finished this purple cat yesterday.  He is 19 inches and I like how he came out.

purple cat standing


I used a beautiful new purple faux fur from Mood Fabrics and it is only $30.oo/yard, which is a great deal.  I machine embroidered the collar and I like how it turned out.


purple cat close up

I made these two the other day.  They are a koala bear and polar bear and they seem to be getting along quite nicely.


koala and polar cub buddies

I am off to yoga and then back to sewing again this afternoon.  I think a new fox softie is long over due, maybe two?

Yours in crafting,

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Who says lions can’t be pink?

Unless, you are color-blind, like my Dad is, you cannot deny that this is the pinkest lion that you have ever seen!

Pink Lion 1

What can I say?  I love lions and I love pink.

Pink Lion 5

Without a doubt, you either love this bright lion, or hate it.  And that’s okay.

Pink Lion 4

And if you do love it… here’s a close-up, in all of it’s glory.

Okay, I’m not in much of a profound writing mood and I am off to craft some small polar bears, which are another of my favorite animals.  Also, I am going to try and needle felt something because I love doing it, and I plan to make a bunch of critters in sweater vests to sell this summer, along with softies.  They were a hit last summer at Renegade L.A.

Yours in crafting,