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What’s up?

Here is what is up with me… I am working on some submissions for “Stuffed” magazine.  It is a bi-annual publication and I have the latest issue and I am enthralled.  Basically it is a place to showcase your work, and I hope to be chosen for this publication!  I am sending four custom animals.  I raccoon, chipmunk, bird, and lion.  Wish me luck!!!I love the chipmunk!  He’s my first one and his fur is distressed mohair.  The raccoon has alpaca fur which is amazing also!  They aren’t stuffed yet, as I ran out of stuffing:(

Also, the Silverlake Art/Craft/Vintage show is in less than two weeks, Sat February 11th, just before Valentines.  I am looking  forward to that and I have a few friends with tables also.  Here is the link…


I wandered up to Greystone Manor/Mansion the other day and did some drawing by the fountain.  What a beautiful place, and it’s open to the public most of the time, when they are not shooting movies or having weddings there.  I felt like I was at Versailles!  I will go back there.  It’s very peaceful and a  good hike too!  Okay back to crafting now…Have a great MOnday!

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Cold, then Hot!!!

This week started out very rainy!  For those of you who aren’t aware, it barely rains here in Los Angeles.  I have observed that when it does rain, it has a very heavy downpour with a Monsoon-like quality to it.  High winds, lots of water, and much fallen foliage.  A good day to stay indoors in front of  the fireplace!  Now, it’s Thursday and the weather has become quite pleasant.  Today is a high of 80F and that’s not too shabby for January.  This was the sky yesterday from my rooftop!

I have been busy crafting and this week I have made two Lovebirds.  I guess I was inspired by Valentines, but also because I don’t have any birds in my collection.  They literally look quite literary! 

My other big, and I’m not exaggerating this time, BIG creation is Lowell, the Giant Lion.  Lowell is 29 inches and quite large!  It’s difficult to tell just how large Lowell is, but you can somewhat tell because he is sitting on a human chair.  He was a lot of work and let’s just say I broke at least one needle on my sewing machine making him!  Here is Lowell atop my turntable.Take my word for it, Lowell is BIG!

I went to Silverlake yesterday with my new friend Mary Lundquist.  She is an artist.  I love her art and you can check her out at http://www.marylundquist.com/

It was her first time to Silverlake and we had a nice time walking around and exploring.  We went to the Spice shop which is wonderful and very zen, then went to my favorite comic shop, Secret Headquarters.  Oh, we had a great lunch at Forage, which is a healthy and yummy restaurant.  Then we also had coffee at the Casbah coffee cafe.  Overall it was a fun, and hot and sunny day and the highlight was probably walking right past Mike D, of Beastie Boys fame.  I was very excited and trying to get Mary’s attention and I punched her in the arm.  I couldn’t help it.  She said it hurt a bit, and I was apologetic, but come on people….. Mike D!  Awesome!

Last night Barry and I attended Nerdmelt, a great comedy show at Meltdown Comics and among great regulars like Kumail Nanjani, Jonah Ray and Chris Hardwicke, there were a few special guests such as Tim Meadows from SNL and Demetri Martin!  People who know me, know that Demetri Martin is one of my most favorite people on the planet, so that was quite exciting!

Well, I am off to Santa Monica today.  The weather is supposed to be great and we are renting bikes and cruising along the ocean, also meeting up with friends and going for sushi!  I hope you have a creative day! 

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Valentines – To Be Mine or Not to Be Mine?

As an artist, I have been contemplating whether I wanted to make some Valentine themed softies.  Do I cater to a commercial occasion or abstain?  I thought about my views on Valentines and I decided that it can be a fun and festive day and I decided to have some subtle themed softies for the upcoming February 14th.  I came up with some little pocket softies with hearts and a hipper than hipster Raccoon, who I call the LoveRac.  The minis are about seven inches from head to toe, but if you scrunch up the legs, they can easily fit in your pocket!They will available at my shop very shortly.  Have a loving day! Here is the whole gang enjoying a sunny, winter SoCal day. 

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It’s a beautiful, sunny day in L.A. and although it might only be 14C or so, I am not complaining because all of my friends back home in Whistler, say that it’s extremely cold there!  So, no compaints here.

I have been crafting daily and am quite pleased with my results and creations.  I have cats…This guys doesn’t have a name yet, but he is definitely a cool cat!  He has cassettes all over his shirt.  How cool.  I like his salt and pepper grey fur.  This cat is very much a Lovecat, very vibrant pink and ready for Valentines Day!  This black bear is fun and very whimsically clothed.  This is a new lion.  I am very in love with the guitar fabric at the moment.  I also used the guitar fabric for a denim tote bag.  The fabric on the inside is 70’s vintage and I got it from Silverlake.  I made a lot of bags actually.  And a few more bags…I just finished a 3 day juice cleanse.  I was aiming for 5 days, but I’m pretty happy to have made it 3 days!  There are a few things that I have learned from this experience.

1) Food gives me much needed energy to excercise.

2) The kitchen is an evil, tempting place when you are cleansing.

3) Food tastes much better after you cleanse.  It’s like refreshing your tastebuds!

I did allow myself a few juices from the juicer on the cleanse.  Usually a fruit juice for breakfast and a veggie juice mid-afternoon.  I will try to cleanse longer next attempt.  I am proud of myself nonetheless.

We have been visiting the new West Hollywood library a lot and I managed to snap a few photos today when I was there.  This doesn’t do the architecture of the building  justice, but it was on the fly…The inside stairs leading to the second floor are quite grand.This pretend tree is on the wall and ceiling as you walk up those stairs.  All of the ceiling on the second floor looks like this, wooden and birdlike.  The library was designed by Johnson Favaro.  This is one of my favorite views, looking up towards my apartment and with the “red” Design Center to the right.  More design center across the road.  Anyway, this place is my new obsession and you can probably see why!  I always walk by this guy’s photo in the library and I wonder if he is any relation to Jason Sedakis?I would say so!  And finally, I will leave you with an interesting art piece that is fixed to the side of a nursery school in West Hollywood.  Somebody is watching you!

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Better Late Than Never!

Happy New Year!

Even though it has already been 2012 for a week, this is my first blog of the New Year!  I had a wonderful and mellow Christmas and Barry spoiled me a little bit.  Christmas Day was very warm out and most definitely my warmest Christmas of all time.  We spent the day listening to new vinyl records, baking and eating and drinking.  I made some sugar cookies and they were really fun to make and decorate.  Wow, those cookies were good!  Christmas night, we had one of Barry’s friends over and shared a quaint Christmas dinner with him.  And we played Trivial Pursuit!

New Year’s was spent with friends at a dinner at the Glendon restaurant in Westwood Village. There was a great live jazz band that we grooved to and went home shortly after midnight.  I was the designated driver.

We have been thoroughly enjoying our new vintage drinking glasses.  It just goes to prove that they don’t make glasses they way they used to.  Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice tastes especially good in vintage glassware.  We also did a few trips to the new library, which I am absolutely in love with.  This is Barry reading a new graphic novel that he signed out.  The West Hollywood library is in the background.  As far as crafting goes, I have been enjoying new fabrics and new designs and am very into making my softies in overalls.  There is Oster the Sea Otter…And another raccon.  His  name is Rico.I made a funky mutt named Montgomery…But my most absolute favorite right now is Lowry the Lion.  The weird thing is that I got this new thick, mangy, but high quality fur in a spontaneous purchase.  I thought it looked like wolf fur, so in an attempt to design a new wolf creature, it came out looking like a lion.  And I love it.  At first, Barry said it wasn’t my strongest artwork, but now we love it!  I took Lowry to my crafting group function yesterday and he was highly praised by all!  So, here he is…Isn’t he adorable?  Of course I am biased, but come on?  How cute is he?  Lately when I craft, I have been listening to lots of music and podcasts and there are two podcasts that I am loyal to, solely for the fact that they are quite amusing.  One is “Stop Podcasting Yourself” which is based in Vancouver. Dave Shumka and Graham Clark are hilarious.  The other podcast is called”You Had To Be There” which is based in Brooklyn and features two female Comediennes, Sara Schaefer and Nikki Glaser.  They are great and they podcast from Sara’s living room and they even have a studio audience.  They call their listeners Hobot and Brobots and this inspired me to make a hobot and brobot for them.  I sent them a photo and they are very excited to receive these softies.  Here is a photo…These were really fun to make and I am happy with how they turned out!

As for inspiration, I am reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and it is highly motivational.  It centers around the premise that even if you are happy, there are things that you can do to enhance your happiness.  Basically, you can bring more happiness into your life, if you invite it.

The other book that I am really into is Geek Girls Unite by Leslie Simon.  I consider myself a bit of a geek girl, so I can relate to this book and it’s themes.  It’s about how fangirls, bookworms, indie chicks and other misfits are taking over the world.  What’s not to like about that?

To Be Continued another day…..