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Portland Pt 1…

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I am back from a week away in Portland.  I had never been there before and I loved it as much as I thought that I would.  There is a lot to blog about, so I will be splitting this blog post in two.  Renegade L.A.  is this weekend and I am busy putting everything together and finishing up some more softies.

So, Portland is wonderful place to explore!  There are many Farmer’s Markets, exceptional restaurants, and a lot of art galleries and museums.  I recognized this wall from Portlandia, which is one of my all-time favorite shows!  On my second day in Portland, I did a three hour bike tour of downtown.  This is a great way to discover things and learn about the city.  I suggest Pedal Bike Tours.  The bike was decent, the tour guide was lively, local and knowledgeable and I got to see the whole downtown and then decide what I would go back and visit another time.  This mural was being painted outside of the bike tour shop and eventually it read, “Welcome to America’s Bike Capital”.  I arrived at the bike tour ahead of time, and as I wandered around, I discovered the most wonderful aroma and landed myself at Voodoo Donuts around the corner.  This place is very popular and I had to wait in a line-up and when I finally got a donut, I completely devoured it.  I got a vegan donut with maple frosting and it was worth it!  Portland has over 50 breweries and this was a good one in the Pearl District which was very artsy and cool.  There are many outdoor fountains around town which make for fun summer splash parks for kids!  This one was adorable. 

This is a neat building called the Ecotrust building.  Barry and I went to Hot Lips Pizza and both agreed that it was some of the best pizza that we had ever had!  I found the giant statue affixed to a building entitled “Portlandia”.  It was pretty spectacular and my photo doesn’t do it justice.  We were in Portland because my husband had a conference  for Retail Camera Shop Managers and Owners and every night there were events that the family could attend.  We got to go on a dinner cruise on this boat, The Portland Spirit.  The buffet dinner on the boat and open bar were great and a we travelled up and down the Willamette River.  There were many great houseboat communities along the shore and this was was adorable.

The next day I visited Chinatown and the Lan Su Gardens.  It was a little oasis in the middle of the city.  This is the end of Portland Pt 1, and I will leave you with a photo of my lunch right after leaving these gardens.  I found a vegan chinese food buffet at a little hole in the wall restaurant.  I don’t even know the name?  But it was $8.oo and I left very happy.  Stay tuned for more Portland soon…

Author: teddybearrepublic Jenny Smith

My name is Jenny Smith and I am a Teddy Bear Artist. I have a need to be creative many hours per day. I am currently living in West Hollywood and my Canadian blood is enjoying the sunny warmth of Southern California. When I am not sewing and creating, you can find me, running, working out, writing, drawing, reading, gardening and attending the occasional flea market.

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