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Chipmunks and Wolves…

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I have skipped a few days on blogging.  As I mentioned before, my favorite blogs are the ones who blog almost every day.  Heidi Kenney is great for this and I admire her greatly for it!  It’s not that she always does a big write up either.  She  sometimes just writes a few words and accompanies them with photos.  I really enjoy it.  So, not much to write about.  I had a nice day yesterday with Barry.  We went for a hike into the Hollywood Hills and sat up on the rooftop and attended the Sunset Strip Farmer’s Market.  We sampled some delicious paella and Ecuadorian black bean tamales and all was yummy!

As for today, I have been quite busy.  I chatted with my sister for two hours.  I finally had to get off the phone because my ear was smushed and hurting.  It was a great talk and I am going out to visit them in August to help them move from upstate New York to Northhampton, Massachusetts.  I had a few sales and I am sewing away at some little chipmunks and wolves.  I got new fur that is perfect for chipmunks and new wolf fur also.  The chipmunks are not stuffed, but here is a sneak peek…

I will be working on these wolves next… Stay tuned for the finished works sometime very soon!  One of them is a bit cranky.  But cute, nonetheless…

Author: teddybearrepublic Jenny Smith

My name is Jenny Smith and I am a Teddy Bear Artist. I have a need to be creative many hours per day. I am currently living in West Hollywood and my Canadian blood is enjoying the sunny warmth of Southern California. When I am not sewing and creating, you can find me, running, working out, writing, drawing, reading, gardening and attending the occasional flea market.

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