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I have a new friend that I just created.  I got some new Tissavel fur(made in France) and it was called hedgehog, so that’s what I came up with!  His name is Harcourt Hedgehog!  This fur is very soft and fluffy and huggable.  Harcourt is all fur on the back, just like a real hedgehog.  I got some very exciting news today!  I got accepted into Plush You, a Plush Gallery show in Seattle.  I have to commission 3 pieces for the exhibit and they can be anything that I want.  Luckily, it’s not until October, so I have some time to make three pieces that really reflect my style.  I think I may try and go to Seattle for the show.  It would be great to meet some other plush artists and see their work firsthand.  It would be good to stop into Vancouver also(my home before L.A.) but I don’t know if I can fit it in.

Okay, off to make more hedgehogs!  It’s raining here and it’s a great day to hibernate indoors.  And also to try and squeeze in some Madmen! 

Author: teddybearrepublic Jenny Smith

My name is Jenny Smith and I am a Teddy Bear Artist. I have a need to be creative many hours per day. I am currently living in West Hollywood and my Canadian blood is enjoying the sunny warmth of Southern California. When I am not sewing and creating, you can find me, running, working out, writing, drawing, reading, gardening and attending the occasional flea market.

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