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Lovely Day…

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Well, it’s a beautiful day here in Los Angeles with a high of 80F expected and I couldn’t be happier.  Last night was spent with friends, drinking some wine and having some homemade quiche and cheeses.  Good stuff.  Today, I got up and wandered down the street and around the corner for some Peets coffee which was extra delicious today!  Everybody is out and about here, hanging on patios, soaking up the sun and warmth.  I have been listening to my new records lately.  We visited Amoeba the other day and got some  vinyls.  We got some new ones, such as Paul’s Boutique, the Roots, and Madlib, but Amoeba also has a clearance section and all the records are 99cents, so we got quite a stack of them!   Here is Reg the cat, sitting next to that stack!

Reg looks fat here, but he’s not fat in person, or in cat, I should say.  I am going to take advantage of the sun and take some photos on the roof.  My Etsy store needs some new items.  Ludlow will get listed today.  I am totally in love with him! 

There are so many upcoming events to plan for.  My friend Mary and I are applying for the Patchwork Indie Craft Fair in Culver City in June and also the Renegade Fair, which is a huge indie craft show downtown.  I went last summer(both days) because it was so great! 

This was taken with my lomo camera, Mr. Pink and my fisheye lens.  It was really hot out that weekend and dusty, but a lot of fun!  This is my favorite photo taken with Mr. Pink!  I call that one the funky chicken dragon.  This photo is great also.  It was taken through a hole in the fence in downtown LA.  And who doesn’t love some of the old art deco buildings in the Los Angeles Metropolis?Wow all of these photos are inspiring me to have a date with Mr. Pink!  I think he is calling me right now….Check Ya Later!

Author: teddybearrepublic Jenny Smith

My name is Jenny Smith and I am a Teddy Bear Artist. I have a need to be creative many hours per day. I am currently living in West Hollywood and my Canadian blood is enjoying the sunny warmth of Southern California. When I am not sewing and creating, you can find me, running, working out, writing, drawing, reading, gardening and attending the occasional flea market.

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